Centre for Defence Research & Development
Upgrading of Air Defence Simulator System at Air Defence Operation Centre (ADOC)/AD Radar Squadrons
Acquiring of Real Time Radar Data of INDRA Mk II Radars in SLAF to Main Air Defence Operation Centre at MIRIGAMA
Development of an Indigenous Radar Receiver for INDRA MK II Radar
Developing of IP Based Ground to Air Communication Monitoring System for Air Defence Command and Control Centre at SLAF Station MIRIGAMA
Developing of Ads-b Aircraft Monitoring System
Development of an Open Source Intelligence System to Enhance the Intelligence Capability of Sri Lanka
Replacing Display in Simulator System Using Augmented Reality
Changes to Animal Bone Characteristics before and after Explosions; An Empirical Study
Develop Techniques & Tools for Establishing a Cyber Forensics Lab
Establishment of a Model Critical Information Infrastructure Monitoring Lab
RPG Simulator
T-55 Tank Simulator
Geospatial Monitoring in Road Accidents in the Colombo
Ammonia Gas (NH3) Detector and Warning unit
Sand Dune Mapping and Monitoring System
Rainfall Monitoring System
Shoreline Change Monitoring Platform
Crop Classification and Yield Estimation using CNN
GIS/IT Based Waste Management Solution to Prevent Coastal Belt in Sri Lanka
Safety Assurance System for Sri Lankan Migrant Workers
Land Surface Temperature Variation in the Sri Lanka within the Span of 20 Years and its Impact on Flora and Fauna
Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Detection and Prevention System
Construction of Abrasive Blasting Machine
Long Range Shooting Simulator for Snipers and Marksman
Small Arms Firing Simulator Upgraded Version with Smart Target for Close Combat Training
Wireless Addressable Fire Alarm System for Buildings
Development of an Underwater Acoustic Sensor Array- Phase II (Application part of ongoing phase I)
Portable Drone Jammer
Local Development of Radiosonde
Development of Wired Intercom System
Development of Sensor Integrated Tactical Communication and Surveillance Vehicle
Tactical Military Software Defined Mobile & Network Solution
Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) used for Broadcasting in Military Applications
Development of Mobile Phone Jammer V2
Development of Drone Detection System
Development of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR).
Drone Jammer
Design and Manufacture of Professional Mobile Radio System for Military Communications
Capacity Building in the Area of RF and Microwave Field and Design of a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
Development of Tactical Passive GSM Interceptor and Radio Monitoring Device