check-all The Armaments and Ballistics Wing carry-out research works related to armaments and ballistics. In addition to its core functions to develop new weapon systems and armaments, the Wing also undertakes ballistic related projects such as range constructions, development of new live firing training modules and quality testing and forensic assessment of firearms, ammunition and military protective gears of Tri-Services and investigation support to Tri-Services and MOD on firearms and ammunition related incidents.


Action Target Project
First Indoor Live Firing Range in Sri Lanka
The First Locally Made Ballistic Rubber Sample in Sri Lanka
The First Container-Installed Mobile Firing Unit in Sri Lanka
MILO Live Firing Range
Ballistic Blanket for VIP Vehicles
Blue Gun Development Project
Production of Assault Shields
A Study on 9mm and 7.62mm Bullet Holes on Automotive Sheet Metals to Design a Software-based Tool in aid of Shooting Incident Investigations (Bullet Trajectory Plotter)
Smart Armory Security System (SASS)
A Knowledge-based Wound Ballistics Study on AK (7.62x39 mm) and 9 mm Close Range Entry Wound Characteristics Using Porcine Skin
An Exploration into Forensics of Small Arms
Analysis of the Ricochet Behaviour of Pistol bullets (9 mm) on Wall and Floor Tiles, Cement and Asphalt
Analysis of the Ricochet Behaviour of Shotgun Pellets on Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles and Cement Surfaces; A Study to Assist Shotgun Pellet Ricochet Related Shooting Incident Reconstructions
Investigate the Ricochet Behaviour of 7.62 x 39 mm (AP), 7.62 x 51 mm, 9 mm and 5.56 x 45 mm Bullets with 1 mm Sheet Metal
Basic Weapon Training Simulator
Changes to Animal Bone Characteristics before and after Explosions; An Empirical Study
Replacing Display in Simulator System Using Augmented Reality