check-all The Radio and Electronics Wing undertakes research and development projects in a variety of challenging environments ranging from large scale defence related projects and defence technologies to provide strategic level benefits to various branches of the Tri-Forces. Electronics, Instrumentation, UAV systems, development of communication systems, radars, jammers, electronic warfare systems, and computer embedded systems are some of the broader categories which the wing is currently focusing on.


The Drone Jammer Development Project
The Digital Mobile Radio
The Smart Target System for Jungle Lane Firing
Electronic Prosthetic Limb
Economic Demining Machine
Thuraya - GPS Jammer
Helium Balloon-Based Stationary Surveillance Platform
K3 Manpack Bomb Jammer
K3V Jammer Vehicular version
Medium Power Mobile Phone Jammer
Voice Encryption Device for Telephones - PRC 1077 Radios
Military Rations Projects-Ration Pack
Economic Rugged RA400 cougar first handset for PRC1077
Light Weight Bullet Proof West
Mobile Phone Jammer for Prisons
Development of Tactical Passive GSM Interceptor and Radio Monitoring Device
Capacity Building in the Area of RF and Microwave Field and Design of a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
Design and Manufacture of Professional Mobile Radio System for Military Communications
Drone Jammer
Development of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR).
Development of Drone Detection System
Development of Mobile Phone Jammer V2
Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) used for Broadcasting in Military Applications
Tactical Military Software Defined Mobile & Network Solution
Development of Sensor Integrated Tactical Communication and Surveillance Vehicle
Development of Wired Intercom System
Local Development of Radiosonde
Portable Drone Jammer