check-all The IT/GIS Wing undertakes IT and GIS requirements for the benefit of the Tri-services, as well as research projects of national significance. Apart from the primary projects undertaken, emergency/ad-hoc requirements such as software development for the MOD/ Tri-Services, drone mapping, GIS map analysis and GIS training programs are also handled by this wing.


Identify Abandoned Water Tanks in Sri Lanka through Satellite Image Processing
Develop a Model to Identify Coconut Plant Shortage in Coconut Land to Increase Coconut Productivity of the Country
Study & Monitor Deforestation
Building Mapping for Smart Building Management
Foreigner Safety Management System
Applying of Multi Technology for Intrusion Prevention of Wild Elephants - Case Study: UDAWALAWA Farmers
Image Analysis Boat Tracking System
Mangroves Mapping and Monitoring
Implementation of Bird Divert System and GIS Based Habitat Suitability Modelling for Avian in Vankalai Sanctuary
Monitoring IUU Fishing in Sri Lankan Waters through Remote Sensing
Study & Analysis Forest Fires in Sri Lanka
Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Detection and Prevention System
Land Surface Temperature Variation in the Sri Lanka within the Span of 20 Years and its Impact on Flora and Fauna
Safety Assurance System for Sri Lankan Migrant Workers
GIS/IT Based Waste Management Solution to Prevent Coastal Belt in Sri Lanka
Crop Classification and Yield Estimation using CNN
Shoreline Change Monitoring Platform
Rainfall Monitoring System
Sand Dune Mapping and Monitoring System
Ammonia Gas (NH3) Detector and Warning unit
Geospatial Monitoring in Road Accidents in the Colombo