National Innovation Agency Sri Lanka Empowers Researchers at CDRD


check-all In a stride towards fostering innovation and enhancing knowledge sharing, the National Innovation Agency Sri Lanka recently conducted an enlightening session for researchers at the Centre for Defence Research and Development. Director General – CDRD welcome the representatives from the National Innovation Agency Sri Lanka. The session, which took place in a collaborative and interactive format, aimed to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of Intellectual Property (IP) and its applications in the realm of research and development.

check-all Led by a distinguished team of experts, the lecture covered a wide range of topics to empower the researchers with insights into the world of intellectual property. The session commenced by addressing the fundamental question: "What is Intellectual Property?" The researchers were introduced to the concept of intellectual property, its importance in safeguarding innovative ideas, and its role in promoting creativity and technological progress.

check-all Vindya Wijesinghe, Senior Innovation Officer (Technology-transfer & Commercialization), Thidasi Dahanayaka, Senior Innovation Officer (Science technology and innovation), and Navodi Wickramasinghe, Senior Innovation Officer (Service and Social), represented the National Innovation Agency Sri Lanka in conducting the session. Their expertise and engaging approach enriched the learning experience for all participants.