OCDC Senior Command course visits CDRD

48 x Student Officers of senior Command course No 1 of Officer Career Development Centre (OCDC), visited CDRD on 24th March 2021, as a part of their course curriculum. The delegation was led by the Commandant - OCDC, Maj Gen DBSN Bothota RWP RSP USP psc. The Chief Instructor Colonel TCMGST Cooray RWP RSP USP psc, Senior Instructor Colonel RRMPNB Bambaradeniya RWP RSP USP psc and five Directive Staff members of OCDC were also among the visiting group. A briefing was conducted at the CDRD auditorium on the role and current functions of CDRD after which the visiting officers were given an opportunity to witness on-going projects at CDRD. Director-General – CDRD Major General K R P Rowel (Retd) RWP VSV USP ndu USACGSC was also present for the occasion.