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About the WING

Electrical and Mechanical Wing focuses on a broad range of areas that address research and development and innovations in electrical and mechanical engineering fields. The Wing`s current main focus is for designing and development of training simulators for the Tri Services.

Ongoing Project

1. T-55 Tank Simulator

2. RPG Simulator

Wing Head

Cdr KATN Samaraweera

Our Team

Capt KTDC Samaraweera

Research Officer

Capt MDB Madhuwanthi

Research Officer

Capt JT Kalani

Research Officer

Completed Projects

Training of APC crews have become an essential requirement to keep up the combat readiness and maintain continuously updated professional force. Training of Drivers, Gunners and Commanders is limited due to high cost involved in live training sessions. The BTR-80A Simulator is designed and developed to address the above issues and provide a low-cost indigenous solution to train BTR-80A Drivers, Gunners and Commanders of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps.

The project was handed over to Sri Lanka Army.

The 81 mm Mortar simulator is developed to enable the soldier to gain proficiency in operating and firing the 81 mm Mortar. This simulator facilitates the training of all mortar crew with different virtual environments and gives the complete drill of mortar firing, calculation, map reading and fire correction for the trainees. Mortar simulator is designed to minimize the cost of ammunition and enhance the training effectiveness in the infantry units.

The project was handed over to Sri Lanka Army.

The B - Vehicle Simulator is developed in a virtual environment, by incorporating all the controlling features of a real vehicle. The system contains different types of road signs, road markings, traffic lights and various scenarios to enhance the discipline of Drivers and to train Drivers on how to take quick and correct decisions while driving. Motion of the vehicle is simulated using a 3 – Degrees of Freedom motion platform, in order to give a realistic driving experience to the Trainees. This Simulator provides a low cost indigenous solution to train the military personnel.

The project was handed over to Sri Lanka Army.