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About the WING

The Cyber Security Wing provides a unified response to cyber threats and functions with the vision of establishing and promoting a robust cyber security environment. The wing serves as the ‘technical authority’ for cyber incidents in Defence and National Security concerns.

Role and Tasks of Cyber Wing

The Cyber Security Wing acts as the single point of contact in coordinating the duties and functions in cyber security related matters as assigned by the Ministry. The wing also acts as ‘Computer Security Incident Response Teams’ (CSIRT) for the Tri-services.

In this role, the wing is performing to:
- Ensuring interoperability by liaising with the Tri-Services, and the respective CSIRTs; as well as with competent authorities in civilian CERTs in Sri Lanka.
- Consult and co-operate with relevant law enforcement authorities

The wing is also entrusted with: - Formulating Cyber Security legislature pertaining to the Defence;
- Defining and identifying Critical Information Infrastructure (CII);
- Establishing of a Defence Cyber Command (DCC);
- Monitoring Cyber Security incidents;
- Responding to discovered incidents or those brought to its attention by competent authorities;
- Establishing and maintaining a close cooperation with the civilian Cyber Security domain

Current research being conducted:
1. Data Driven Threat Hunting Approach for Sri Lanka Defence
2. Providing Network Outreach and Redundancy with WLAN and SDN
3. Detecting Security Vulnerabilities in Web Applications with Self-organized Threat Intelligence Architecture

Our Team

Maj SD Palliyaguruge

Research Officer

Flt Lt Nuwan

Research Officer