CRD on ITN Venasa Program

The ITN “Venasa” team toured the Centre for Research and Development on 27 February 2019. The visit was aimed at highlighting the ongoing local research projects and products of the CRD in the “Venasa” programme segment on ITN.

As a premier research organization in Sri Lanka, the CRD has numerous projects related to defence as well as social empowerment. Following the unveiling of the Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL), manufactured by the CRD at the 71st Independence Day Parade, national attention was brought upon local R&D efforts. The ITN “Venasa” segment on the CRD thus provided a valuable insight into the ongoing research efforts being undertaken, and would serve to stoke the interest of talented Sri Lankans to engage in the field of R&D.

The Director General of the CRD, Dr. Brig. STS De Silva briefed the audience on the role and purpose of the CRD towards providing tailor made solutions for local requirements, and subsequently lead a tour of the IT/GIS Wing, Electronics Wing, Cyber Security Section and the NBC Wing where the MBRL was developed. Some of the highlighted R&D projects include,
• Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) System.
• Parachute, Tank and Vehicle Driver training simulators.
• Rifle, mortar and artillery training simulators.
• Train Tracking Information project undertaken for Sri Lanka Railways.
• Braille to Sinhala/English converter for visually impaired students.
• Wild Elephant monitoring and deterrence systems for border villages.
• Development of aerial and sea-based drones.
• Use of GPS and GIS mapping technology.

The programme segment can be viewed on the ITN Website via the following link: