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24 FEBRUARY 2022

Taking an innovative research outcome of Sri Lanka to the international, a CDRD`s research work was recently presented at the 74th International Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS -2022.) The research work was virtually presented at the prestigious conference on 24th February 2022, by Lt Col Bandula Nishshanka RSP USP psc in the presence of 4000 scientists joining virtually and in-person at the State Convention Centre, Seattle, Washington, USA.

The presented CDRD research titled “A forensic-related study on AK bullet (7,62 x 39 mm) holes on 1 mm sheet metal and the designing of the first android-based field investigation tool for AK gun-related bullet trajectory reconstructions” was conducted at the Armament and Ballistics Wing in the year 2021 (CDRD/2021/1) and successfully completed with an innovative end product; “bullet Trajectory Plotter” software for Sri Lanka Police. The presentation is considered a significant milestone in the CDRD`s history, as the first international staging of a local research work conducted at the CDRD.