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9 JULY 2021

The Centre for Defence Research and Development of the State Ministry of National Security, making another significant stride in the sphere of research-based innovations, recently announced another internationally significant research outcome; a novel method and an Android application to be used in AK gun-related vehicle shooting Investigations.

The new method and associated android application; “AK Bullet Trajectory Plotter”, use the dimensions of AK bullet holes produced in soft-skinned vehicles to estimate the trajectories of the fired bullets and proved to be effectively employed to identify the possible shooter direction, when it is unknown. The research outcome which saw the light after series of scientific experiment was introduced as a reliable and novel method for the existing bullet trajectory reconstruction methods practised in the world. Due to the international significance of the findings to the field of Forensic Ballistics, the research outcomes have been published in the famed peer-reviewed journals in the world “Journal of Forensic Sciences” and “ Forensic Science International” published by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, USA and Elsevier Publishers.

The new method was introduced and demonstrated for the Police and Military Police units of the Tri-services, at the Army Field Firing Range, PANALUWA and officially handed over to the Sri Lanka Police by the Director-General of the CDRD- Major General Renuka Rowel (Retd) RWP VSV USP. Major General Renuka Rowel further emphasised that CDRD while focusing on the requirements of the Tri-Services, will be ready to provide its research and development support to the Sri Lanka Police in the future as well, with the new and expanded scope under the State Ministry of National Security and Disaster Management. Senior police officers, who withnessed the live demonstration, congratulated the CDRD team and stated that the newly introduced method can be effetetively used by Sri Lanka Police Investigation Teams, after taking the required approvals from the local juditial authorities.

The research team was led by the Chief Coordinator of the Armament and Ballistics Wing of the CDRD, Lt Col Bandula Nishshanka RSP USP psc SLAC, comprised of Major Randika Ariyarathna SLSC, Mr Lalindu Weerakkody and Mr Jayanga Palihena (NSBM Green University), who assisted in the designing of the Android version.