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About the WING

The Aeronautical Wing is co-located with the Sri Lanka Air Force Base - KATUKURUNDA and carry-out planning, fostering of scientific research in recognition of its paramount importance as related to the maintenance of and effective Air Power in Sri Lankan skies.

Ongoing Projects

1. Development of an Open Source Intelligence System to Enhance the Intelligence Capability of Sri Lanka
2. Developing of Ads-b Aircraft Monitoring System
3. Developing of IP Based Ground to Air Communication Monitoring System for Air Defence Command and Control Centre at SLAF Station MIRIGAMA
4. Development of an Indigenous Radar Receiver for INDRA MK II Radar
5. Acquiring of Real Time Radar Data of INDRA MK II Radars in SLAF to Main Air Defence Operation Centre at MIRIGAMA
6. Upgrading of Air Defence Simulator System at Air Defence Operation Centre (ADOC)/AD Radar Squadrons
7. Development of a Hybrid Bird Repeller